Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress and massage your muscles without the need for medication. Massaging can also help with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis by improving blood circulation in those areas! It's important when choosing an RMT that you find one who has experience working on these types of patients because they will know how best suit you personally.

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Your individual treatment plan will be customized to meet your unique requirements. To start, the therapist may give you some information about how they work and then create a list of options for treatments that fit what's best suited for you needs- which could include anything from massage therapy or acupuncture all way up through surgery!

Swedish Technique

The Swedish massage is a popular treatment in which the therapist uses his or her hands to manipulate soft tissue on various parts of your body. This helps optimize health by acting upon muscles, connective tissues (like skin), tendons and joints; it can also relieve stress! To give you an idea about how this works - think back-and-forth movements with light pressure applied firmly but surely at different points throughout each area being manipulated until finally ending up somewhere near its corresponding joint .

The Ontario Registered Massage Therapists are trained specifically so they know what kind/ variation would best suit someone's needs whether that be chronic pain resulting from injury sustained during sports participation

Therapeutic Technique

Therapeutic massage is a proven method for relaxation and stress relief. This form of therapy uses manual techniques to manipulate soft tissue, which helps the body's systems work more efficiently by increasing blood circulation as well decreasing inflammation in your muscles!

Deep Tissue Technique

Deep Tissue Massage is a great way to release tension and get your body moving smoothly again after an injury or chronic pain. The therapist will use deep pressure along with long strokes, which reaches structures far beneath the superficial fascia in order relieve these problems

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage helps relieve the discomfort associated with being pregnant. It is a specialized massage that focuses on your individual concerns, such as back pain or swelling feet and legs. During this treatment you may be asked to rest on one side while lying down in certain positions so it's important for both mommy-toos who are getting their massages too!

Sports Technique

The massage techniques vary depending on whether the client is in training or after an event. Kneading, muscle manipulation and joint mobilization are all used to treat athletes before they compete again as well as people who have been exercising heavily for a while now but still experience discomfort from their muscles being sore due that this will help prepare them properly so there's less risk of injury during competition time!

Hot Stone Technique

Heated stones are used as massage tools in the ancient technique of hot stone therapy. This form of relief can be one-of-a kind because it's so relaxing, but also offers deep tissue work to help relax muscles even more!


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Frequently asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for answers.

What to expect on your initial visit?

You will be asked to complete a confidential health history, and then your massage therapist will assess the extent of any injury or condition that's been affecting you. They'll develop an individualized treatment plan with goals for healing in mind - one which can change at anytime if it doesn't feel right! You're given every opportunity during this time as well; we want everyone who comes into our clinic feeling confident about what they've chosen from start-to finish.,

Does massage therapy hurt?

The benefits of massage extend beyond relaxation. Massage has been shown to relieve pain, increase blood circulation and improve consumption by the body's natural defenses system (lymphocytes). In some cases you may experience discomfort while receiving this treatment but it typically goes away quickly once completed or contact your doctor if necessary!

What do I wear and do I need to remove my clothes during the session?

Massage therapy can be a great way to help manage your stress and tension, but it's important that you feel comfortable. All of our therapists ask clients who receive massage treatments if they want their clothes removed or not - some people prefer staying fully dressed while getting relief from sore muscles; others enjoy feeling relaxed enough not care about what is going on around them at all times! Our staff will provide towels for covered sessions so there won't need any additional washing afterword either (unless someone spills something!).

What if I fall asleep during my session?

It's common to fall asleep during a massage, but we won't judge you if snoring or drooling.

Is it okay to ask for more or less pressure?

You can always ask for more or less pressure during a massage session. This is an excellent way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your massages by being mindful about what feels good for YOU, not just relying on our opinion. We'll be happy comply with any requests and adjustments!

What if I pass gas during a massage?

Massage therapy is all about relaxation, but it's also good for relieving pain. If you're feeling uncomfortable when your therapist applies pressure in an area or passes gas during the session because of nerves - don't worry! Just excuse yourself and go outside where there are fewer distractions so that way no one will notice how awkward this may have been for both parties involved.

Can I talk to my therapist during the session?

Some people prefer to chat, but don't feel you have to make conversation. If your want quiet time for self care that's ok as well!

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