Prenatal & Post-Partum

Pregnant women can benefit from a range of treatments depending on where they are in their pregnancy journey. Our team of holistic healthcare professionals is here to help at any stage of your journey! Here are some of the treatments we offer:

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Our Team: Webster Certified Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Lactation Consultants & More!




Clients who are struggling with fertility may seek out chiropractic care to further support their fertility journey. As chiropractors, we aim to reduce restrictions and interference within the body to promote optimal function and healing. To support fertility, we may treat your lumbar spine and pelvic to reduce neurological intereference and promote overall wellness. Medical acupuncture and nutritional support from our naturopathic doctor can provide great support as well! 

Prenatal (During Pregnancy)

Chiropractic care for pregnant women is similar to regular chiropractor treatments. They can be tailored depending on the stage in her pregnancy and may use specialized equipment, like pillows that allow them to lie face-down (prone) with their growing bellies or other positions (Seated or Sidelying) as needed. The most common technique used by doctors specifically when it comes down to this scenario is known as Webster technique. Many women are recommended to see a chiropractor if they present with breeches or transverse presentations, as well as throughout their pregnancy to optimize their quickly growing & adapting bodies.

Webster Technique

The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces nervous system stress, and balances pelvic bones, muscles & ligaments to optimize the mother's pelvis & physiological function during pregnancy and birth. These treatments reduces tension on surrounding soft tissue structures such as round ligments (connecting to uterus), to promote optimal fetal positioning and movement in labour without constraint from restricted areas usually seen when presenting breech or transverse (sideways).  

This technique is often referred to as the "baby flipping" technique, however, we are not treating or addressing the fetus directly. By optimizing how your pelvis and sacrum function together with their associated soft tissue structures, your body can move freely allowing the fetus to move into the preferred head down position.

Furthermore, we'd love to educate you on specific stretches and exercises, such as inversions to assist with fetal positioning.


The birthing process is an amazing feat of the human body, but it can also place a great deal of strain on the mother's spine and pelvis. As a result, many women experience back pain and other problems in the months after giving birth. 

Fortunately, chiropractic care can help to alleviate these problems. By gently realigning the spine and correcting any misalignments in the pelvis, chiropractors can help to relieve pain and improve the function of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, chiropractic care can help to reduce stress levels and promote overall wellness. For new mothers who are struggling to recover from pregnancy, chiropractic care can be an invaluable tool.


Here are common issues new moms tend to experience:
  • Pelvic Girdle & Low Back pain - As your body needs to recover following the delivery of child and readjust its biomechanics, pelvic girdle pain may persist. Relaxin continues for 6 months as it contributes to joint laxity that allows additional mobility or movement at birthing time
  • Upper back and Neck - The upper back and neck are common in the postpartum period due to tasks such as holding, carrying food or drink for nursing; sleepwear that does not accommodate fully when tied at midsection (e.g., v-neck shirts); poor posture while doing these activities can lead too -- mainly because it forces you into an unnatural position with every ounce if weight placed upon one arm!
  • Tailbone Pain - A common issue that many people deal with. It can occur at any point during your pregnancy, but it most often occurs when you give birth or experience pelvic girdle discomfort and muscular tightness in the lower back area
  • Wrist & Thumb Pain aka Carpal Tunnel & Mommy Thumb: An issue due to lifting, carrying or placing newborns. Additional joint laxity may also worsen these conditions which is why manual treatment with bracing are common techniques that help manage wrist/thumbs discomfort effectively acupuncture has been shown effective in treating pregnant women's hands by confirming whether they have carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Caesarian Scar Tissue Release: Many women experience loss of sensation and numbness following a caesarian birth. Additionally, some women have a hard time moving around or experience pain. Caesarian scars can be treated by various practitioners by working on tissue mobility and nerve function to improve sensation and make it easier for them to move around again!


Initial Assessment


Includes a detailed history and physical examination, as well as treatment.

Chiropractic Followup - 30 minutes


Includes soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations/manipulations including Webster Technique if required.

Chiropractic Followup - 45 minutes


Includes soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations/manipulations, Webster Technique, acupuncture and/or exercise prescription.

Acupuncture - 45 Minutes


Insertion of small, strerile needles for the wide range of affects including pain relief, muscle relaxation, labour induction, edema/swelling and muscle cramping.

Prenatal Massage


Caesarian Scar Release- Dr. Michelle Zemari


An efficient and non-invasive method of healing all scars, even those from cesarean sections (c-sections). This treatment assists in reducing muscular & fascial adhesions, scar tenderness & pain and increases tissue blood flow, sensation, & elasticity. The initial appointment includes a detailed history, physical exam, and appropriate care including the use of the Dolphin Neurostim MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation).

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Frequently asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for answers.

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

Yes! Chiropractic care is safe for pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant.

Is it necessary to get “cracked” or adjusted while pregnant?

No, chiropractic adjustments are not necessary during pregnancy. However, they are safe and often included in the treatment plan. There are various techniques, pillows and table modifications to ensure expecting mothers are comfortable during treatment.

There are various treatments available to support your condition including: 

  • Pelvic Block - This treatment improves balance, and flexibility and aids in reducing back pain by addressing pelvis misalignments leading to joint dysfunction, liagementous and muscular tension.
  • Soft Tissue (Muscle) Therapy– Cupping, Acupuncture, Shockwave Therapy and Manual Relesae. These treatment options are used to address tight muscles causing stiffness and discomfort throughout one’s body. Working on these tissues relieve pressure from joints while increasing blood circulation and improving range of motion
  • Prescribed/Individualized exercise plans for prenatal & postpartum.

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